In the past two decades our view of nature's lack of structure—its unpredictability—underwent a major renovation with the discovery of deterministic chaos. Behind the veil of apparent randomness many of nature's processes are highly ordered, following simple rules. Fractal properties are found in many natural phenomena: ocean waves, snowflakes, crystals, algae, and river networks among others. These fractal properties are evident in my work. I take a myopic view of the world around me; instead of focusing on the landscape as a whole I find beauty in the details and random patterning in nature. Using a combination of paints, earth pigments, polymers, and minerals I create ethereal paintings that strive to capture the essence of the natural world. My work is loose and intuitive and gains a rich complexity as successive layers are added and scraped away. Strokes and scratches appear to be exposed from underneath layers of sediment and stone, metals float across, transparent layers entrap movement, and the minerals dry and crystallize to create an ice-like surface. There is no plan; the work takes on a life of its own. I use color, line, texture and movement to engage the viewer from every angle. I strive to create work that is ephemeral and evocative, to embrace the fragility of the earth's current state, and to help bring that beauty into spaces where we live and work. - Sheryl Daane Chesnut