I consider myself an alchemist on canvas. With an experimental approach and a variety of organic and inorganic elements: oils and water media, salts and minerals, earth pigments, solvents, polymers and metals, I pour, layer and etch away to give the work detail and depth. Metals float gently across, transparent layers entrap movement underneath, and the minerals dry and crystallize to create an ice-like surface. Instead of focusing on the landscape as a whole I find beauty in the details and random patterning in nature. Fractal properties that are found in many natural phenomena are evident in my work. There is no initial plan except the color palette, which I use with line and texture to encourage fluidity and movement to engage the viewer from every angle. I strive to create work that is ephemeral and evocative, to embrace the fragility of the earth's current state, and to help bring that beauty into spaces where we live and work.